Hand Tools & Power Tools


Brookers stocks a huge selection of hand and power tools for builders, carpenters, plumbers and decorators. 

  • Tools
    • Hand tools and accessories          Power Tools and accessories
    • Club & Claw Hammers                  Cordless drills
    • Utility Knives                                  Drill Drivers
    • Chisels & Bolsters                         Percussion Drills
    • Hex Key sets                                 Holesaw Kits
    • Screwdriver sets                           Holesaw kits
    • Set squares                                  Hammer Drills
    • Handsaws & Hacksaws                Jigsaws
    • Spirit Levels                                  Drill Bits
    • Pliers & cutters                             Circular Saws
    • Spanner Sets                               Auger bits
    • Screws & Nails                             Angle Grinders
    • Soldering kits                              Concrete cutting discs