Building Supplies

Brookers l building supplies, tools, equipment for DIY and trade

For the professional building trade, self-build projects and DIY, Brookers offers the full range of materials, tools, equipment, work-wear and safety gear. We also stock gas, fuels and salt. For a full list, see the bottom of this page.

Our extensive materials stock includes:

Lintels, meshes, paving, plasterboard and insulation, walling, aggregates, bricks & blocks, cement, mortar, plaster, paving, hard landscaping and a full range of sanitary and drainage supplies.

Our tools and equipment ranges include:

Hand tools, power tools and specialist equipment for every trade along with their accessories. We also stock tool belts and storage equipment.

We are the area's major stockists of plaster and plasterboard:

We carry high-quality gypsum wallboard suitable for dry lining walls/ceilings and for the construction of dry stud partitions.

For insulation materials and specialist technical support:

Brookers supplies a comprehensive range of insulation products from trusted manufacturers.


  • Heavyside
    • Concrete
    • Ready mixed concrete
    • Mortar
    • Plaster & Plasterboard
    • Insulation
    • Sand & Gravel
    • Aggregates
    • Bricks & Brick Matching
    • Handmade Bricks
    • Concrete & Aerated Blocks
    • Paving & Blocks
    • Natural Stone Paving
    • Walling
    • Steel Joist Systems
    • Lintels & Meshes
    • Tools & Accessories
    • PVC Roofline & Window Trims
  • Plastering
    • Plasterboard                  
    • Bonding Compound
    • Firecheck Plasterboard          
    • Multi-Purpose Adhesives
    • Vapourcheck Plasterboard   
    • Toughcoat Plaster
    • Coving and Cornices   
    • Bonding Plaster
    • Jointing Tape              
    • Multi Finish Plaster
    • Flex corner tape   
    • Hardwall Plaster
  • Dry Lining
    • Square Edge Plasterboard                                           
    • Taper Edge Plasterboard
    • Sound Check Board
    • Fire Check Board
    • Vapour Check Board
    • Joint Tapes
    • Dry Lining & Plastering Tools
    • Dry Wall Adhesives & Fillers
    • Coving & Cornice
  • Insulation
    • Micafil
    • Cavity Batts
    • Loft Insulation
    • PU Insulation Board
    • Polystyrene Sheets