Landscaping & Gardening


Brookers Garden Departments in Hitchin (at our Bilton Road superstore and Bucklersbury branches) stock an impressive range of products for all gardeners - from occasional to expert and including the professional landscaper.

Gardening supplies at our Bucklersbury branch:

Sited in Hitchin town centre, the Bucklersbury branch concentrates on the domestic market, offering numerous products for all manner of garden and plant care needs. In a dedicated section, we offer compost, insecticides, fertilisers, seeds, bird feeders and garden tools. We’ve got the lot!

Professional garden supplies at our Bilton Road superstore:

Brookers' Bilton Road superstore caters particularly for the professional gardening and landscaping trades as well as those with some serious DIY gardening to tackle.

  • Garden Supplies
    • Plant and tree care products
    • Seeds
    • Insecticides
    • Compost
    • Fertilisers
    • Tar
    • Creosote
    • Garden tools
    • Garden tools
    • Watering equipment
    • Water storage
    • Garden furniture
    • Greenhouse equipment
    • Barbecues – traditional and gas
    • Pots and planters
    • Bottled and camping gas